• Business Immigration

    Your company would like to employ a foreign national. We will guide you through the temporary and permanent visa options and prepare all necessary filings.

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  • Family Immigration

    You have a foreign-born family member who would like to live in the United States. We will guide you through the visa options and the application process.

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  • Deportation Defense

    You are in deportation proceedings. We will represent you at immigration court to apply for relief from removal, such as Asylum, Adjustment of Status or Asylum.

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About Us

The Law Office of Christmann Legal Immigration Law is a reputable immigration law firm in the Carolinas. Our immigration law firm has immigration law offices in Charlotte, North Carolina and Greenville, South Carolina. Christmann Legal represents both corporate and individual clients around the world. We speak English, German and Spanish. Founded by German immigrant Daniel Christmann, we practice exclusively in the area of immigration law to help clients solve their immigration issues.

Our Immigration Attorneys will guide you through your immigration process and explain how to: obtain a work visa, attain permanent residence (through employment, marriage, relatives, investment, asylum and green card lottery), and become an American citizen. Learn more about waivers, marriage to U.S. Citizen green cards, Fiance(e) visas, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) applications, deportation defense and naturalization to U.S. Citizenship. We believe in superior customer service and client access. We are experienced and work efficiently.


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